Access your fuel excise duty refunds with ease.

In New Zealand all petrol sold contains the fuel excise duty, this is an additional charge administered by the NZ Transport Agency and is designed to help fund the costs of the road network.

When this petrol is used by businesses that operate vehicles or machinery off the public road, the excise duty can be claimed back. However, many businesses don’t know this, or the complicated claim process makes it not worth the hassle.

That’s where Money Back Fuel simplifies things. Our streamlined process allows you access to these rebates and could save you thousands of dollars every year.



Register your interest online or over the phone 0800 11 97 93, and we will arrange for site visit with one of our consultants (if practicable) or set up a phone or video meeting to start your claim.


Send us your documents

Send us your signed forms, proof of GST, deposit slip and completed machinery list. If we have a partnership with your fuel supplier we will access your invoices on your behalf.  If not, we will need you to send your invoices to us via email fax, or post.



Sit back and relax while your dedicated Account Manager takes care of your refund.  They will complete the 8 quarterly claims involved with an initial refund and take care of any technical queries that may arise from NZTA.


Spend your refund

Think of what to do with your refund! Your refund is paid out the same week we get paid so you can put that money back into the business or take a hard-earned break. We take a small commission off your final refund amount. 


On-Going Quarterly Refunds

Every quarter we will check in with you to ensure the information we are sending to the NZTA on your behalf is correct. As simple as ABC!

A. Quarter check questions

Simply answer the quarter check questions sent by email or text at the beginning of the quarter.  If we don’t hear back from you, we will give you a call later in the month.

B. Invoices

If we have a partnership with your fuel supplier, we will access your invoices on your behalf. If not, you will need to send these through to us by email, fax, or post.

C. Let us do the work

Your dedicated Account Manager takes care of the hard stuff, so you don’t have to. With Money Back Fuel you can be sure that you will receive your quarterly refund in full every quarter.



A one-off $149 establishment fee is deducted from your first return, this covers our initial information gathering and registering you with the NZTA.  


Is set at 17.5% if you have a fuel account with one of our fuel partners or 19.5% if not. This includes a minimum quarterly fee of $47.00 and is deducted from each quarterly return. No refund, No fee!

*All prices are exclusive of GST and are fully tax-deductible.