Terms & Conditions

  1. I authorise Money Back Fuel Ltd (MBF) to act as my agent with the New Zealand Transport Agency (NZTA) and allow MBF to submit applications to the NZTA for any Fuel Excise Duty (FED) refunds owed to me over the past 24 months and on an ongoing basis until I notify them otherwise.
  2. I authorise MBF to collect, retain and use any information about me for the purpose of completing any necessary applications to NZTA or marketing products and services to me.
  3. I give permission to MBF to work directly with my suppliers (including fuel supplier, vehicle service agent, accountant, etc.) to retrieve any information for the sole purpose of completing FED refunds on my behalf.
  4. I acknowledge that I am aware of and agree, that in certain cases, the fuel supplier (i.e.: RD Petroleum) will impose a charge for obtaining my Statements and that MBF will pass this cost onto myself.
  5. I acknowledge that I am aware of and agree to the relevant fees being deducted from my refunds, including:

a) A one-off new client setup fee of $149 + GST

b) MBF’s commission of 17.5% + GST if I purchase petrol through one of their fuel partners or 19.5% +GST if not, 

c)  A Consultant on-site visit fee, if appropriate,

d) A minimum $47+gst processing fee per quarter from all refunds.

  1. I warrant that all information is true and correct and has been supplied in full to MBF. MBF will rely on the accuracy of this information when preparing applications to NZTA.
  2. I acknowledge that MBF will receive any FED refunds due to me on my behalf and the funds will be held in their trust account. Refunds, less agreed MBF fees, will be credited to my nominated Bank Account the same week MBF receives the refund.
  3. I understand that the information that I have supplied to MBF has not been reviewed or audited, nor will it be prior to being submitted and therefore MBF, including any employees, accepts no responsibility as a direct result of the integrity of the information.
  4. MBF will publish on their website any changes to the Terms and Conditions and/or fees. Changes will be effective from the date they are published.
  5. Where these terms and conditions are signed by an individual, that individual is confirming that they have the authority to bind the other people named or the company they are signing for.
  6. Money Back Fuel LTD uses SSL, does not store credit card details, and all payments are handled by a secure PCI compliant, third party.